Cleaning & Renovations

Cleaning & Renovations

Due to our climate and weather conditions here in Ireland, memorials will age over time. The most common type of aging is discolouration, lichen build-up and faded lettering. The level of aging will be determined by the type of stone used and the location of the memorial and its exposure to the elements.

At Hickey’s, we offer a complete cleaning and renovation service, which can include;

  • Additional inscriptions
  • Re-lettering (gold-leafed and painted)
  • Removal of dirt and lichen
  • Re-flooring and new chippings

While non-destructive methods of cleaning are preferred for stone cleaning (as would be the case in the US and continental Europe), this is not generally possible in Ireland due to the aging caused by our climate. While most granite can be cleaned using detergents, the cleaning of limestone and marble usually necessitates the removal of the aged layer of stone to reveal undamaged stone underneath, either by sanding/using a wire brush, power washing or sand-blasting. Sometimes chemical based cleaners can be used, but it is important the cleaner is carefully selected and does not react with the minerals in stone causing premature ageing.

Our cleaning techniques here at Hickey’s in Ovens have been refined using various techniques through generations, as well as taking on board international experience and recommendations. We can renovate a monument to a customer’s specification using either non-destructive or destructive cleaning methods, depending on the final finish required.